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Controlling Out of Pocket Expenses

Higher insurance deductibles!  Higher co-insurance!! More out of pocket expense!!!  What can a person do to control their out of pocket expense? To be clear, first, a person is best served by having a good

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Denied Claims – Don’t Give Up

Denied Insurance Claims Last month’s column focused on the need to protect one’s earnings with disability insurance during the income producing years; and long term care (LTC) coverage to protect one’s nest egg during the

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Do We Need Long Term Care Protection?

Long Term Health Care Insurance In most age groups, the likelihood of disability ‐ being incapacitated due to illness or accident ‐ is greater than the likelihood of death.  For younger people, disability insurance, often provided by employers, is used

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Could This Happen to You?

Could You Need Disability Social Security? It’s late at night, you’re alone and driving home.  You’re tired, but still have a couple miles to go.   At last, you’re about a half mile from home. 

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Obamacare: Questions and Confusion

What are your questions and concerns about the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare)?   The end of open enrollment for ACA (Obamacare) health insurance plans is February 15th.  To make a statement that everyone totally understands

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Health Insurance & Medicare Bits and Pieces

Affordable Healthcare Act Answers The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) opened their website over a year ago and it was a scramble to get on the website; no less get enrolled. This year, Medicare open enrollment

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