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Medicare Plans Made Easy

Once you have your Medicare card we can get you enrolled in either a Medicare Supplemental or a Medicare Advantage plan.


Medicare Insurance Plans come in many shapes and sizes. We sell and service the largest and most stable companies in the country.

These plans offer coverage for (Part A) inpatient hospital stays, hospice, and some skilled nursing. Generally, there is no cost to you if you or your spouse worked 10 years or equivalent to 40 quarters in the U.S. It also covers (Part B) outpatient care like doctor appointments, labs, CT scan, DME, etc. The cost of part B could vary depending on your income; however, most people pay $174.70 monthly premium and once a year deductible of $240 (2024).


We enroll and service a large number of the Medicare Advantage Plans available in the state of Illinois.

These plans also referred to as (Part C) are offered by many insurance companies. Both Part A and Part B are covered by the plans. The plans also include Part D which covers your medications. All in one plan. These plans cover everything regular Medicare covers but offers additional services, Dental and Vision. Everything you need for medical, medication, dental, and vision is under one plan. The cost of these plans can be as low as $0 premium monthly. They have a maximum out of pocket to help protect you from higher cost. Think of these plans as pay as you go; you will have co-pays for providers, procedures, hospital stays, and etc.


We enroll and service a large number of the Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug Plans available in the state of Illinois.

Prescription drug plans are available for those keeping “Original Medicare” or those with a Medicare Supplement Plan. To avoid late enrollment fees or fees for not having drug coverage it is very important that you enroll in a plan once you have your Medicare Card. The cost of these plans varies depending on the medications you take.

You can use this link to to search for Advantage Plans available in your zip code

From a conversation with our team member, we can provide information on companies and Medicare insurance plans we think are best workable for you based on your needs and wants. Rates may be based on age, health and zip code.

Types of healthcare plans for under age 65:

Affordable Care Act – these are plans based on your household income.

Short term plans – needing coverage for short period of time (30-180 days) these plans may be just right for you.

Off the marketplace plans – not qualifying for ACA these may be the right plans for you.

Dental plans – there are both HMO and PPO plans to compare to see what is right for you whether you go to the dentist once a year or three times a year.

Vision plans – compare vision options to see if plans are right for you.

Got Questions?

You will need to decide if you will continue to work or retire and go on medicare.

We are happy to guide you. We are here to explain Medicare’s ins and outs. Medicare is not a one-all fits all.

Whether you are under 65 or 65 or older we have a health insurance plan that can fit your needs. There may be specific steps that need to be taken.

Yes, when enrolling into Medicare upon turning 65 you will have 3 months before, the month of, or 3 months after you turn 65 to enroll into Medicare. Enrolling during this period will prevent you from inquiring any government penalties.

If retiring after age 65, you will need medicare forms completed by yourself and your HR department showing you had qualifying insurance. These forms will need to be taken to your local social security office.

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