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Are your Pain Points Covered?

Medicare Advantage Plans Higher hospital co-pays!  High co-insurance payments!! More out of pocket expense!!!  Some people call these “pain points” as they can take a bite out of a savings account.  What can a person

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CMS Changes May Improve Care for Chronic Illness

Medicare Changes Doctors have complained for years that they’re not paid adequately for time-consuming work associated with managing care for chronically ill older patients: talking with families; and consulting with specialists and pharmacists. Each year

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Watch for Health Plan Changes

Have you noticed there seems to be a number of changes this year with health insurance? Whether you are on Medicare or have health plans through an Obamacare Affordable Care Act plan (ACA) or group

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Obamacare: It’s Crazy

Are you buying health insurance? Premiums increasing? As President Clinton said about Obamacare (ACA) (it’s) “the craziest thing in the world”. So, why are heath insurance premiums up so much? Also, why are insurance companies

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Health Insurance & Medicare Bits and Pieces

Medicare open enrollment started 10/15 and continues to 12/7.  Obamacare (ACA) open enrollment starts on 11/1 until 1/31/2017.  So, both older and young people will be seeking information during the same time frame. QUESTION:  I

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Simple Talk on Medicare Plans

Are you turning 65 and going on to Medicare? Or have you been on Medicare, had a Medicare Plan and really do not know how the plan would work for you?  You aren’t alone. Often

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Need Extra Help Paying for Prescriptions?

Have you ever heard “I cannot pay for my prescriptions”?  Or, “my husband died and my income has been cut dramatically”. Statements like these are common, especially for people who have been retired for 20

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Could This Happen to You?

It’s late at night, you’re alone and driving home.  You’re tired, but still have a couple miles to go.   At last, you’re about a half mile from home.  You relax and fall asleep at

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Is a Life Settlement in your future?

What can a person, or business, do if they own a life insurance policy and no longer need or cannot pay for the policy?   Did you know: approximately 90% of all life insurance policies

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