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Taking a Trip?  Have you Done Your Planning?

Have you considered travel medical insurance for your next trip?

Sometimes the thought of warm weather and travel sounds good.  If you are traveling for a couple of months of warm weather in the U.S., cruise, travel abroad or an early spring golf trip; you may want to plan ahead.
It is prudent to make sure you are medically able to safely make this trip.  Preparation has some common aspects whether it’s by travel by car in the U.S. or by air in the U.S. or abroad:

  • carry a current list of your medications [prescription and over the counter (OTC)]
  • carry a contact list of your healthcare POA, family members and people close to you.
  • Obtain a copy of your last primary care physician visit.  Many times when you leave the office, you are given a paper on today’s visit.  Other medical records of significant health conditions are also good to take with you.
  • Be sure to have a list of any allergies, including medications allergies.
  • Carry on your person medications in the pharmaceutical marked bottles.
  • Also carry OTC medications in their original containers.  Research size restrictions for liquids.  Solids and powders may also have restrictions.
  • Check your health insurance; are you covered overseas?
  • If you are traveling overseas, strongly consider trip insurance to cover medical expense and emergency evacuation.  When doing this, you may wish to ask if that company would pay for transporting remains back home.  This is rare, but can be very expensive.

After you have organized your medical needs, consider how you can access banking and financial information; and money if needed.  Set up a plan.  Look through your billfold and/or purse to see what personal financial information you may wish not to carry.  Try not to carry social security numbers, bank account information and passwords.  Secure your passport.
Have you stopped your newspaper and US mail?  Do not leave tell tale signs that you are gone.  Set up lighting and a radio or TV to come on and go off at different times.  Today’s security systems are more affordable than ever; look into options.  Ask trusted family members to check your home periodically.  Do not post on Facebook anything about your trip.  Ask children and grandkids to also not post about your trip, until you are back.
Consider whether or not you should turn off your home’s water and drain your pipes.  How long are you to be gone?  As with much of life, the key is communication.  Advise your loved ones where important papers are located and make it easier for them if something happened on the trip.  Now that you have prepared for the worst, you are set for the best trip ever.  Enjoy yourself and be sure to send a postcard back home (only if you have time).

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