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Common Questions People Are Asking to Help Parents

Questions from the Sandwich Generation The snow and winter is finally getting behind us and spring yard projects are being started. Your parents have seemed to have had a tough winter – colds, accidents, etc; and you wonder if you are the only person with questions. Life today is active, especially for women aged 45 – 55 who…
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Depression, Impact and What You Can Do?

Elderly Depression The winter snows are flying and it’s too cold to be outside, yet the rooms inside the home seem to be closing in. The kid’s winter sports activities are in their final days and very intense. Meanwhile, having a cup of coffee with a friend, she talks about her mom and how mom just does not…
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Give A Caregiver A Break

Lending a Hand to Caregivers of Elderly Parents We are headed into the Thanksgiving Season and there are many reasons to give thanks. For those who have families; cherish your parents, spouse and children and know not every day is going to be “perfect”. Sometimes, the obtainable is not a perfect day, but only a perfect moment; cherish…
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