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Health Insurance – What Common Questions Are People Asking?

Affordable Health Care Act Questions and Answers Now that the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) also called ObamaCare is fully operational for individuals people are asking questions. Some common questions are being asked repeatedly. This month’s column will answer some of those questions. QUESTION: I did not buy health insurance earlier and currently do not have health…
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ObamaCare Heads-Up – What Should You Be Watching?

Obamacare Eligibility Now that the Open Enrollment Period for 2014 has ended, about 7,000,000 people have enrolled in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also called ObamaCare. If you enrolled, your involvement may not be done yet. Remember, people had the opportunity to enroll on or off the exchange. “Off the exchange” means that person enrolled directly with an…
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How Would The Proposed Healthcare Reform Affect You?

Questions and Answers about the Proposed Healthcare Reform Act Congress continues to debate healthcare reform act at the writing of this column. Conceptually, it is important to understand some of the key components of what is being discussed and how it will affect you. This is the time, if you are so inclined, to write…
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Laid-off – Should I take COBRA?

COBRA Coverage Laid-off workers who are eligible for COBRA (over 20 employees) are allowed to maintain coverage under the previous employer's policy for up to 18 months, provided they pay the premium and possibly a 2% administration fee. Employees at companies with fewer than 20 employees are eligible for Illinois State Continuation coverage for up…
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