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Aging Parents Financial Options

Treasure the time you spend with your aging parents. It is so precious, and they can still teach you a lot. Also, be conscious of how you can help them through the many changes they will experience.
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Could This Happen to You?

Could you need Disability Insurance or Paycheck Protection? It’s late at night, you’re alone and driving home. You’re tired, but still have a couple miles to go. At last, you’re about a half mile from home. You relax and fall asleep at the wheel. You go off the road waking up when you’re going over some big…
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The Basic Considerations When You Need Health Insurance

What Are My Health Insurance Options? Health insurance has become a major topic of discussion lately. What will health care reform look like? What are my health insurance options? Will the US Government offer a plan for all Americans? Will insurance companies insure all people who apply? Will the cost of insurance come down? These…
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Insurance Changes May Benefit You

Changing Insurance Policy Information This is an active time in the insurance industry and these changes may be of benefit to you. Do you have a dependent covered on your employee group health plan or individual medical policy? Are you looking at purchasing a long term care (LTC) policy – or do you already have…
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