When I first relocated to Peoria and learned from Steve via his News/Views column, I contacted him and immediately was impressed with his knowledge, integrity, humility, and patience with my myriad of questions! He provides immediate callbacks and is always the consummate professional--I also attended seminars in his office to expand my Medicare familiarity and whenever he presented at health fairs or other venues and learned something new and useful each time.

Steve has served as my health and financial adviser since my relocation to the area over 20 years ago and has spent considerable time finding the best plan for me with an expensive prescription, minimum co-pays and what served me best... I had care given my late mom 20 years but getting into my own Medicare network was different and very challenging. He was always willing to lend a hand and I know I can count on him and his staff. I have recommended Steve to my friends and know they would be in good hands with him regardless of their particular wants/needs.

Steve assisted me with a tier exception and provided both encouragement and wise counsel with his background and years of dealing with so many insurance companies and the ensuing changes all of us face. If you need current information from the most qualified person I know, do not hesitate to call Steve Buttice to help you through the maze of Medicare.

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