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Health Care Reform – Act Now, Don’t Wait

It’s been all over the news: confusion, delays, people have been getting health insurance cancellation notices. The healthcare.gov website is not functioning well, at best. Phone ins to HealthCare Reform (ACA) only delay the process as these call must be enrolled through the same site that doesn’t work. So what should a person do? What is ACA? It…
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ACA Plans — Not Like Mom & Dad’s Health Coverage

ACA Health Insurance Plans Wow, health insurance has changed. Even getting the amount of premium you will pay has become a complex process. Also, the volume of people who will need to move to an ACA Plan has been a problem in October. Nearly 46% of all people with individual health insurance plans will need to enroll in…
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Insurance Decisions for Your Parents and You?

Advice for the Sandwich Generation Wow - newspapers, radio and TV is full of insurance ads; whether it’s Medicare Plans or Health Care Reform (ACA) plans. What’s going on? Life today is active, especially for women aged 45 – 55 who care for both their parents and children. These are the people caught in the…
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